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Urban Fam def revised 6

Samantha Evans’s life is going to hell. Taking a low-risk, low-stress job helping her sexy neighbour at his second hand romance bookstore might be just the thing.

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Two people with a shared past. A zany support crew. A dog called Cerberus. What could go wrong?


What would you do if your days were numbered?

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With a sudden hankering to be spanked, Darcy Henderson figures Mitch Callaghan is the man for the job. But is she woman enough to take it?


“I bet if cancer of the penis was more prevalent there’d be a cure for this fucker. I bet if dicks were being amputated or dropping off left, right and centre there’d have been a cure decades ago. There’d be a whole fucking government dick department dedicated to it.” – Numbered

“He had that stricken look that men often get when women went all female on them.

Like he was expecting her to burn her bra or say the word vagina.” – Risky Business