AA Medical final
AA straight to the heart

Can one passionate night with her former flame changes everything?


The right temptation at the wrong time…



When that guy on the train turns out to be your boss!


Her knight in shining leathers! 



What happens on night shift doesn’t always stay on night shift!

AA romantic health

From wild thing to work fling….

When a one night stand leads to a dirty weekend away at a medical conference which becomes a colleagues-with-benefits situation, it’s okay because for Seb and Callie, it’s only temporary.

But when an emotionally charged day turns into a passionately reckless coming together, the consequences are real and far reaching….



24 hours to save their marriage….

After a year apart, Harriet and Gill are back working together and the fact they’re getting divorced doesn’t stop the sparks from flying.

It didn’t work before and it won’t work now but, in the final tense twenty four hours of their assignment, they’ll come face to face with a crisis that changes everything….




One magical encounter…

Surgical nurse Katya Petrova spent one passionate night with talented Italian surgeon Count Benedetto Medici.  Now she’s heading to the Amalfi coast to tell the renowned playboy she is having his baby!

When Benedetto hears the news, he offers marriage—for the baby’s sake. But Katya wants so much more…



Reluctant colleagues to lovers…

GP Madeline Harrington prides herself on always being in control. She knows what she wants out of life. Marcus Hunt, naturopath, is the complete opposite. He’s Mr fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants

They might be totally incompatible on a philosophical level but when Marcus and Maddy’s worlds collide their attraction is as instantaneous as it is inexplicable.


When one night becomes more…

After years of unhappiness, Paediatric nurse, Maggie Green, is content with her life.

New doc on the block, Nash Reece, has a lady killer rep and a plan that doesn’t involve sticking around. Doesn’t mean he can’t indulge in some fun though, right? With Maggie?

But Nash is ten years younger and Maggie is done playing with boys…


A classic case of bad timing…

After a confronting first meeting, Carrie Douglas expects to never see Charlie Wentworth again. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans. Turns out Charlie and his inner city drop-in clinic are her next assignment.

If only she didn’t have to keep her true purpose at the clinic under wraps. And if only he didn’t have to keep her at arms length.



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Hot and spicy…


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Sweet and emotional…