A spectacular set of stories by Ms Andrews the Italian Surgeon to Dad! Duet book features tales of Italian men who know how to leave a lasting impression in the imaginations of readers who love the romance genre.

When Paige buttons up her silk bridesmaid dress she feels beautiful for the first time in years—giving her the courage to take deliciously dangerous Valentino Lombardi's hand on the dance floor.

Paige spends one incredible night with Valentino. Until the cold light of dawn reminds her she's a single mom with a daughter who really needs her care. As the sun rises she creeps away.

Then Valentino arrives as the new surgeon at her hospital, with his playboy reputation in tow! But the bombshells don't stop here—now Paige must tell Valentino she's expecting his baby….

  The lift arrived at their floor and Val smiled as Paige practically sprinted from it. He followed at a more sedate pace, not really wanting to know where her room was. What if they happened to be neighbours? Would knowing she was in the next room be any good for his equilibrium? Wondering if she slept naked?  Wondering if she was as sexually frustrated as he that she might help herself to ease the ache?
   He shook his head. Dio!
   Except it seemed they were to be neighbours and if her cursing and muttering was anything to go by as she rammed the keycard in her door, he was going to have to lend a neighbourly hand.
He hung his jacket over his door knob and strolled towards her, resigned to his fate. "Can I help with that?"
   Paige slotted the card in and out several more times wanting to scream as she twisted uselessly at the handle. She turned to him, glaring like it was all his fault. "I hate these things."
   Val smiled. She was animated when she was angry too. Her cheeks flushed pink, her chest rising and falling enticingly, grey eyes sparkling like headlights in flog. He reached for it. "Allow me."
   Paige didn't protest. She couldn't as his scent infused her senses. She'd done it all back at the wedding. There was no more resistance left. His fingers were sure as they slowly inserted the card into the slot and slowly pulled it out again.
   Would he be that slow with her? That thorough? The light turned green and she shut her eyes as he turned the door knob and opened her door.
   Paige looked into her room. Her big empty room. She flicked her gaze to Valentino's big hands with his sure fingers.
   Val was surprised by her hesitation and although he couldn't see her eyes he sensed the battle from earlier had returned with gusto. "Maybe I could join you?"
   Paige felt absurdly shaky inside. She wanted to cry, burst into tear. She hadn't realized how lonely the last couple of years had been until an attractive man had propositioned her.
   She looked at him instead. Saw the naked desire heat his gaze. This was crazy. "I don't..." What? Have sex? Make love to? What could she say without sounding gauche or desperate or like a sixteen year old who'd never been kissed? "Sleep with men I just met."
   After all, it had taken her three weeks and a handful of dates to succumb to her attraction to Arnie.
   "I promise you, there will be no sleeping."
   Paige swallowed hard. Both at the gravel in his voice and the sincerity in his gaze. "I don't understand," she said. Her throat was parched as she fought a little longer, hoping the sexual malaise invading her bones would lift. "Any woman in that room tonight would have accompanied you here in a flash, why the hell do you want me?"
   Val gave her a lazy smile as anticipation built in his gut, his loins. "Because you're the only woman who wouldn't have."
   So she was a challenge? She supposed she should have been insulted but funnily enough they were precisely the right words for him to use. It told her she was something to be conquered and discarded, like all the others. Which, contrarily, right now, suited her just fine. She didn't have time or room in her life for the distraction of a love affair. But she did have tonight.
   Obviously the only thing he was interested in.
   It was win-win.
   Paige pushed off the wall and without saying a word brushed past him and entered her room. She hoped it looked confident and sexy and that he couldn't hear the boom of her heart or the knocking of her knees.

   She stopped in front of her bed, opened her bag, took her mobile out, checked it for messages then placed it on the bedside table before tossing the bag aside. She heard the click of the door behind her in the muted light and didn't have to turn to know that he was walking towards her. And in seconds his heat was behind her, his breath at her neck.
   He said nothing as his fingers stroked up her arms. Neither did she. Nor did she say anything when his hands peeled the dress off her shoulders baring her to her waist.
   But she did cry out when his thumbs swept across her bare nipples already hard and eager for his touch.
   And when he kissed her neck.
   And when he whispered her name.

Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ Sept 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-06755-8 Copyright: © 2010 Amy Andrews
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