'"A fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable tender read, Top-Notch Surgeon, Pregnant Nurse by Amy Andrews will leave readers wanting more. "

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They were strangers – but in his arms Beth Rogers forgot her past for one amazing night. But she didn’t expect to see her sexy English lover again…

One gorgeous new colleague

Only he turns out to be hotshot surgeon Gabe Fallon – and nursing manager Beth will be working with him to save the lives of two tiny girls!

One precious new baby

Then Beth discovers she’s pregnant! And Gabe makes it clear that no child of his will grow up without a father…
   The way she said his name felt like a caress. Like she’d stroked her hand along his belly. “I like it when you call me Gabe,” he said softly, placing a stilling hand on hers as she reached for his empty beer bottle.
His hand felt warm and vibrant against hers. No. This was all wrong. This was too...everything. Too much. Definitely too much. 
   Beth felt her mouth turn as dry as ash. A slight breeze ruffled his hair. “No.” She moved around the table to go inside, dishes in hand, and he stepped in front of the doors, blocking her exit.
   “Gabe,” she croaked.
   His groin surged again at the ache in her voice as she said his name. “Please. I need you tonight. I think we need each other.”
   Beth could feel her resolve melting. Fast. “Gabe,” she whispered. She wasn’t strong enough for this. “Don’t ask me this. Not tonight.”
   Gabe could see she was battling her desire. Knew that an honourable man would stand aside and let her pass. But he wasn’t strong enough to deny what he’d wanted every day since that first time. 
   “You know you want to.”
   Beth swallowed. Her eyes fluttered shut for a few seconds. When she opened them again he’d stepped closer. He took the dishes from her unresisting fingers and set them on the table, allowing him to move closer still. She could feel his body heat enveloping her, his warm breath sweet on her face.
   She watched mesmerised as his hand gently pushed back a lock of her hair that had fallen forward. His hand cupped her jaw, his thumb stroking lazily down her neck.
   “Beth,” he whispered.
   He was staring at her mouth and she ached to feel his lips on hers. She swallowed to moisten her parched mouth as she swayed towards him. She mustered her last remnant of sense. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” she croaked. “Things are complicated enough.”
   “Yes, they are,” Gabe whispered, his gaze not leaving her mouth. She was so close, her mouth so near he could almost taste her, and he wanted her so much his body throbbed.
   “Can you walk away?” he asked softly. I sure as hell can’t. 
   Beth shook her head, not sure she could articulate a response. His intense gaze on her mouth was breathtakingly erotic.
   “Neither can I,” he groaned as he dropped his head and claimed her lips.
   All rational thought and reasons for not doing what they were doing fled as Beth melted against him. She felt boneless and weightless and completely unable to support herself. She clung to him as his kiss plundered her mouth and ravaged her body.
   He was breathing hard and she was shocked to hear her own ragged breathing match his. She sounded crazed, desperate, dragging in air as the kiss deepened and the whole world spun crazily around her. Gabe was the only thing solid and not moving and she held him tight, anchoring her body to his.
   Gabe backed Beth against the glass, the scent of citrus filling his senses, igniting his desire. His need to be surrounded by her, to touch her naked skin was frantic, bordering on reckless. He yanked her shirt out of her waistband and gave a guttural groan as he felt her hands at his fly.
   A siren on the street below broke through the sultry city hum and pierced through the haze of lust encapsulating them. Gabe pulled away from the kiss, placing his forehead against hers as he struggled for breath.
   “Hell,” he muttered. He would have had her here. Standing against the glass where people in half of the surrounding hotels could watch them. She was tired. And pregnant.
   “Gabe?” Beth whimpered, looking at him with a dazed expression, her mouth swollen and moist from their passion. Her head was spinning, her pulse echoing loudly in her head, making coherent thought beyond her. “Don’t stop.”
   “Shh,” he whispered placing two fingers against her mouth. “Let’s go inside.” He opened the glass sliding doors and held out his hand to her.

One magical night

Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-263-86347-5 Copyright: © 2008 Amy Andrews
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