"Nate is an adorable hero who is as flawed as he is sexy and charming. Addy is a heroine who hides a whole lot of strength and vulnerability under her out there appearance. All the way through you know that these two have the capacity to make each other stronger and better. That together they can fulfil dreams that put old ambitions in the shade. If they let themselves be open to what the other offers"


I can´t say how much I enjoyed this book, the story was great the plot was executed flawlessly and OMG the sex scenes are HAWT, I swear I was sweating and squirming in my seat just thiking about it. Yes I know, im giving way to much personal information but damm, if I find a book that can actually make me feel all giddy and bothered *blushes* it´s goooooood *fans herself trying to clear her mind* really good!!!

Karla book addict

Real estate tycoon Nathaniel Montgomery is one deal away from making his first billion and fulfilling a promise to his dying father. Nothing will stop him from tearing down the decrepit St. Agnes hospital and erecting posh condos in its place. Not even the crystal-wearing, health food store owner whose publicity stunt lands him in the hospital.

After her brush with death five years ago, child prodigy Addie Collins learned what’s truly important—health, happiness, and the two-hundred-year-old rose garden at St. Agnes. To make amends for the accident, she agrees to pose as Nathaniel’s girlfriend at his eccentric grandmother’s birthday party.

But Addie has an ulterior motive. To repay her debt to the universe, she must show him there’s more to life than making money. Nathaniel hates to lose, but as she breaks through his defenses, losing himself in Addie’s arms might be exactly what this tycoon needs…
The next time she stirred she was blissfully warm, cocooned in heat, surrounded by solid warmth. Warmth down her spine, at her neck, against her belly, along the backs of her thighs.
She sighed, murmured, wiggled.
Snuggled into the heat a little bit more.
For five seconds.
Then was suddenly wide, wide awake.
And his five am wake up call.
Her first instinct-to leap up from the bed as if it had caught fire-hit a snag when she realized she was imprisoned by an arm slack but solid in the throes of slumber. The last thing she wanted to do was wake him and have him find her-find them-in this compromising position.
Good Lord, in this old-fashioned room, it would probably necessitate an instant marriage proposal to save her reputation.
She eased slightly away but Nate shifted in his sleep, pulling her closer.
She lay still for a moment, her heart pounding, her breath sounding like a tornado in the pre-dawn silence, trying not to think about his erection snuggled against her bottom.
Although "snuggled" was far too passive a word for the rigid length of him.
Potent. Rampant. They were good words.
Ready was another.  
Heat flared to life at the juncture of her thighs. How long had it been since she'd been in bed with a man. Five? Six months?
She shifted her hips slightly, angling herself against him a little as the slow burn picked up pace. His girth pressed against the crutch of her underwear and it felt heavenly, the delicious friction licking flames higher to where his hand rested on her belly and furling along muscles and nerves.  
She rocked-just a little. Just to relieve the ache.
She felt a faint movement of his hand on her belly and she stopped, her breath husky in the breaking light, her pulse tripping like a faulty switch. She bit into her lip, her senses straining to detect any signs of his waking.
She barely breathed for a full minute but her brain was busy castigating. What was she doing? Had she temporarily lost control of her senses? Rubbing herself against a sleeping man just wasn't on. It was...morally questionable.
Probably illegal. 
Definitely icky.
But why oh why did bad things always feel so damn good?
Just once more, she promised herself as she pushed back into him again.
"Addie, I am not made of stone."
The rumble in her ear, the firm press of his hand on her belly, the slight rock of his hips both shocked and tantalized.
He sure as hell felt hard as stone right this minute.
"Stop now," he warned, low and husky, "or forever hold your peace."
Addie froze, mortified. "I'm..."
What? I'm what? Depraved? Disturbed? Disgusting? How long had he been awake? How badly had she humiliated herself?
"Go to asleep, Addie."
His lips brushed her neck, the rough buzz of his whiskers beading her nipples. She shut her eyes tight then moved to ease away from him. "No, I really think I need to explain-"
His arm tightened around her halting her words. "Stop thinking," he murmured. "It won't be so bad in the cold light of day and at least I know your underwear is satiny now."
In the cold light of day it would be ten times more embarrassing. She already wanted to sneak away before it got any lighter and never see him again. But damn it, if he could be nonchalant about a woman rubbing herself against his giant erection like it was a stripper's pole then so could she.
"Life's too short for boring underwear," she said defensively.
She swore she felt his lips smile against her neck. "I agree."

An unstoppable force is about to meet his first immovable object…
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Amy Andrews books are fast-paced, sexy, steamy and intensely emotional. TAMING THE TYCOON is certainly no exception. Featuring a sexy hero, a lovely heroine and a gripping premise that you will want to read it in one sitting.

Nas Dean
Romance Book Paradise
Taming The Tycoon is a heck of a sexy read, funny yet poignant, one you definitely want to read this summer.

Sara Harlequin Junkie
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