If confession was supposed to be good for the soul, Selena wasn't feeling it. The guilt that had been eating at her for years, the guilt that Grandy had identified so succinctly yesterday, was still there.
    Where was the rush of relief? The sense that she'd righted a wrong? That everything would be okay between them now?
    It sure as shit felt like there was still unfinished business between them. 
    He rubbed his palms over his whiskers and the scraping sound went straight to Selena's belly. His gaze fell to the long, bare, stretch of leg exposed by the split in her dress and lingered there.
    She felt that in her belly too. And places a little further south.
    Maybe this was their unfinished business? Never saying a proper goodbye?
    Could sex be their salvation?
    "Say something," she said into a silence heavy with cicada song and recrimination. 
    "What do you want me to say, Selena?" he demanded, his voice low and rough as he dragged his eyes north. "That I absolve you, that I forgive you?"
    She licked her lips nervously at the sudden tension that had crept between them. His gaze followed the dart of her tongue. Had their breathing got louder or had the insects got quieter? "Maybe … yeah."    
    "Jesus, Selena," he snorted. There was more rubbing of his whiskers. More delicious scraping noises. More heat spreading from her belly to her thighs, to her breasts. "I think you're going to have to give me a moment or two."
    She shifted in her bucket seat until she was angled more towards him, deliberately planting her feet apart a little, giving him a better view. He followed the movement, his eyes practically scorching a path up her thigh. They stopped at the top of the split but the heat kept travelling. All the way up, settling right between her legs.
    "Maybe I could say ten Hail Marys?"
    His gaze flicked up to hers. "I don't think that's going to cover it."
    "I could get you on TV?"
    He rolled his eyes. "Does that actually work?"
    "You'd be surprised."
    "Thanks. But no thanks."
    Selena shifted slightly in her seat, wondering what Jarrod's price was. Twelve years in journalism had taught her everyone had one. For now she figured it was her legs or where they led to, anyway, as he stared at them intently.
    "There must be something you want from me, Jarrod?" she murmured, leaning forward slightly at the hips, widening the split a little more.
    It was all kinds of fucked up to be taunting him like this but Selena's brain was on a one-way track as her blood pounded through every pulse point. Her body was on high alert, every cell taut with anticipation. Having Jarrod inside her again was all she could think about.
    Jarrod the man.
    I can control myself. Can you? Clearly the answer to that was no. Not then. Not now.
    He lifted his gaze but didn't say anything for long moments. He just stared at her, his jaw clenching and unclenching. "Are you trying to seduce me?"
    The gravelly question hit her straight between the legs and she let out a husky breath. "Yes."
    He quirked an eyebrow. "You want to fuck your way to forgiveness?"

Local television reporter Selena Durrum is in Jumbuck Springs for three days. Get in, see her grandmother, give her speech, and get out. Her career is about to hit big and she can't afford any distractions. Especially not her childhood sweetheart…

Jarrod Weston, rural firefighter, isn't worried about seeing the woman who'd done a midnight runner on him fifteen years earlier. It was a long time ago and he's moved on with his life… right?

But neither of them were ready for their still potent attraction and the heavy pull of unfinished business. But then Selena gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime and once again has to choose between love and career… Will she go with her heart, or her head?

From "SOME GIRLS DON'T" by Amy Andrews
Tule Publishing® 2015
ASIN: B0163NLW90  Copyright: © 2015 Amy Andrews
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"A great addition to the Outback Heat series. This is book two which is Selena and Jarrod's story. A bittersweet story that pulled me in from the first page and wouldn't let me go. I wanted more at the end it was so good. If you enjoy romance this is the series for you."
Donna. Amazon

"Some authors are able to create tangible passion and Ms. Andrews is one of them. I instantly connected with both Jarrod and Selena, and felt their attraction the moment their eyes met for the first time in fifteen years. They are a hot couple, both in and out of the bedroom. Their story is replete with longing, forgiveness, and love. The secondary characters are interesting as well, and their lives add a real richness to the plot."
LJT. Goodreads