"Amy Andrews is an author whose books I could read over and over again, and Single Dad, Outback Wife is but one reason why.  Reading about Andrew and George was like watching a romantic movie unfolding. "

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Distinguished city surgeon Andrew Montgomery is the new doctor of a small town, and the new guardian to his young nephew Cory. Out of his depth in his role as a single dad, he turns to beautiful nurse Georgina Lewis for help…

Andrew is enchanted by Georgina – she is brilliant with Cory, devoted to her patients, and absolutely perfect for him. Andrew never envisaged staying in the Australian Outback, but now he’s not sure he wants his old life back. His future is here, in the town that has become his home…with the woman who has captured his heart…
  He watched her for a few more moments than gave himself a shake. This is voyeuristic, Andrew Montgomery. Leave. Now. He stood to go, looking back over his shoulder for one last glimpse and promptly slipped on some loose rock and fell very inelegantly in a loud noisy heap flat on his butt, cursing the entire way down.
    Georgina heard the racket and flipped herself onto her tummy then trod water. “Is somebody there?” she asked the now silent bush.
    Andrew got to his feet slowly. “It’s just me,” he said, supporting his back with his hands and testing his ability to walk. Now he felt like a pervert.
    Georgina stared at him stupidly for what seemed an age. What the hell was Andrew doing there? Had he been watching her? She blushed. I’m in my underwear! She glanced over to the rocky edge a few meters away where her sarong and t-shirt were.
    “Have you been here very long?” she asked, trying to be indignant through her embarrassment.
    “Long enough,” he admitted. He eased himself gently down the flat boulders until he was standing at the edge of the pool near her clothes. He knelt and dipped his hands into the water to wash the graze where he had put out his hand to break his fall. “Hell! It’s freezing in here,” he said.
    Yes well I need to cool my feverish imagination down somewhere after a night full of dreaming about you in a damn towel. “It’s invigorating,” she lied.
    “It’s arctic,” he said.
    God, he was gorgeous. His blonde wavy hair, his blue eyes, that damn sexy little scar. It didn’t seem fair that he was fully clothed when she was practically naked in front of him. “Oh, go on, city boy. Live a little,” she goaded.
    “Right,” he snorted. “If I want to take an ice bath I’ll go to Scandinavia,” he said, standing and examining his hand in a valiant effort to not look at her and her still very visible, barely covered upper half.
    “Chicken,” she goaded again and flapped her arms in the water while making clucking noises.
    He chuckled. “Oh very mature.”
    He was so...dressed. So neat and tidy and he was looking at her from a superior height and she just wanted to see that smile wiped off his face. The same smile he’d given her yesterday, expressing his gratitude over Cory. The one he gave her when she found something he couldn’t find or she handed him something before he’d even asked for it.
    In such a primitive setting, the cool water stroking seductive fingers across her skin, she’d never felt more like a woman. She was naked and there was something between them that since yesterday had only been enhanced. She wanted to see the heat she saw smouldering in his eyes sometimes. Despite the futility of their relationship. Maybe it was the water nymph in her, maybe it was the sense that for the moment they were the only two people on earth. She swam around in circles treading water flapping and clucking.
    He looked down at her. Their gazes met and he saw the challenge in her eyes. She was offering him something straight out of one of his dreams. His heartbeat pounded in his ears. “If I get into that water, you’re fair game,” he warned.
    Georgina felt her skin break out in goose-bumps. Her nipples tightened and strained against the fabric of her bra. His voice was low and husky and sexy as hell. “You have to catch me first,” she goaded.
    He saw her honey eyes liquefy to a smooth toffee as she issued her dare. Right. He smiled at her triumphantly and before he could second-guess himself he whisked his shirt off over his head. He stopped, his chest heaving, his breath loud in his ears. He raised an eyebrow at her giving the opportunity to call a halt to what was becoming quite a dangerous little game. He could feel his blood rushing though his veins, every cell in his body alive with anticipation. He could feel his mouth watering in the knowledge that very soon, her mouth would be under his.
    Georgina swallowed and kept her gaze level with his. Did he think she would back down? She could see his naked chest in her peripheral vision, his flat male nipples beaded into tight marbles. “I don’t think you’ve got it in you, city boy,” she said, her voice husky.
    Andrew held her gaze. He unzipped his jeans and shucked his shoes off one at a time using the opposite foot. He watched as her sure little smile slipped ever so slightly. Then he pushed the denim off his hips, down his legs and stepped out of its confines. His form fitting underwear did nothing to hide - in fact, barely contained - an erection that not even the thought of jumping into freezing water could dampen. But he looked her straight in the eye and refused to be embarrassed. Country girls needed to learn they shouldn’t play with fire.

Wanted: wife and mother

From "SINGLE DAD, OUTBACK WIFE" by Amy Andrews
Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ July 2007
ISBN: 978-0-263-85248-6 Copyright: © 2007 Amy Andrews
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.
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