Written with plenty of heart, flair and sizzle, Amy Andrews has written a first-rate romantic read that will make readers smile as well as shed a tear. Readers are sure to love deliciously brooding Seb and Callie is a fantastic heroine whose superficial exterior belies a generous spirit and a very big heart.

For me, personally, I learnt a lot about mental health from this story. Big thanks to author Amy Andrews to tackle the mental health issue in this book.

A beguiling and stirring Medical Romance that is sure to tug at readers’ heartstring and leave them with a great big smile on their face at the unusual ending. I finished it in one sitting as I was that eager to get to Seb and Callie's happy ending. I recommend it to all Medical Romance lovers and give it 5 stars!

Nas Dean

Seb recognizes the pain behind Callie's beautiful face and fiery temperament and decides they might be just what each other needs for a very welcome distraction!

Nights spent in the roguish Seb's strong arms jump-start Callie's badly broken heart. And now the fiercely independent Callie must let this dreamiest of doctors deliver a real fairy-tale ending...

Callie snorted and placed her hands on her hips staring down the insistent male whose name she’d already forgotten in her haste to get to Noelene. She didn’t care if he was a cop or, for that matter, so damn sexy he could have been in the movies.
    He was in her way – that was all that mattered.
    “Noelene is not going to shoot me.’
    Sebastian returned her blazing amber gaze with a much-practised calm, pale-green one of his own, dropping his head to the side a little and stretching his neck. He repeated the process on the other side before straightening.
    “You’re not going out there until you put it on.”
    Callie glared up at him all brooding, broad immovable male. Way up. At six feet in her comfortable flats, craning her neck wasn’t something she did much of - but with this man it was a necessity.
    The morning sun shone on his red hair gilding the golden highlights. He wore it closely cropped at the back and sides but longer on top where it flopped across his forehead Hugh Grant style. Ginger brows rose above the palest peridot eyes.
    He had a fashionable three-day growth of ginger stubble stretched along his strong jaw and long faded freckles gave his complexion a lived-in look, hinting at summer days on the beach and a penchant for surfing. Spare cheekbones sloped to interesting hollows near his mouth.
    And his lips? Oh man, don’t even get her started on those suckers.
    Frankly he was sexy as hell.
    The admission pissed her off even more. She was working for crying out loud!
    “It’s not necessary,” she insisted, desperate to claw back some control of normally sane thought processes. “I’ve known her for ten years. She’s not dangerous.”
    He pushed the offending item towards her. “Maybe. But it’s the only way you’re going out on that bridge.”
    His voice was deep and even with a slight gravelly quality. Very measured. Very calm. But there was an edge to it that brooked no argument.
    Bloody cops!
    Behind whats-his-name she could see that their little stand-off was drawing quite a crowd. Most of the cops she recognised. You didn’t work for a decade in this business without having a close working relationship – sometimes love, sometimes hate - with the police. And she’d worked long and hard to gain their respect.
    Sure, she knew they regarded her as a right royal pain in their posteriors. But she also knew there was grudging respect - she was the first one they rang when they had a situation or needed advice - and she was damned if she was going to cede it to this man.
    Not without throwing down a gauntlet or two.
    It was imperative particularly that the three very interested, very rookie-looking officers standing behind knew she didn’t wilt at the first sign of authority. She needed them to know she wasn’t afraid of them and that her client’s needs would always come first.
    “Fine,” she said through gritted teeth, grasping her loose black t-shirt by the hem and hauling if off over her head. She glared right into his peridot eyes, ignoring the guffaws and wolf whistles and held out her hand. “Give me the damn vest.”
    Callie gave him his due. While the jaws of the three fresh-faced newbie’s dropped to the ground he didn’t bat an eyelid. He didn’t even lower his gaze for a quick once-over of her lace-clad assets like every other male in the vicinity. He just passed her the offending item and waited with crossed arms over a chest broadened further by his own Kevlar padding, for her to put it on.
    “You know you could have just put it on over the top of your shirt, right?” he said after she’d rectified her clothing.
    “Not bloody likely,” she snapped. “Do you think a bullet proof vest engenders trust?” Did the man get his negotiator skills in a Cornflakes packet? “Can I go now?”
    He swept his hand in a flourish before her indicating she should precede him. The action pulled his half rolled up sleeves a little higher and she noticed thick reddish-blonde hairs gracing strong, freckle-faded forearms.
    “I’m right behind you.”
    “Imagine my surprise,” she threw over her shoulder, tossing her head.
Nurse Callie Duncan tells herself she's finally put the pieces of her life back together. Then drop-dead-gorgeous world-renowned psychologist Sebastian Walker arrives at her hospital….

Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ Feb 2011
ISBN: 978-0-263-21945-6 Copyright: © 2011 Amy Andrews
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