"LOVED IT LOVED IT!! Being from an army background I was prepared to be critical but this book was seamless. Ms. Andrews' plot was sexy and full of heart and the reader sympathized with both characters issues and the hurdles they had to face to keep themselves alive. The tension bought about by the kidnapping flows well and forces the reader to read on. As an army spouse I know there is always a fear of kidnapping while on a deployment or mission so to see this in print made me want to stand up and applaud. We need more story lines like this in category romance.  Amy Andrews has a voice that needs to be nurtured and I for one will be rushing out for her next book!!"

Kelly Bowerman
Cataromance Reviews
Sergeant Richard Hollingsworth, dedicated army medic, has devoted his life to saving others. But now his medical skills have put his own life in danger – and that of his beloved Holly… Saved by their past…

The island of Tanrami is the last place midwife Holly expected to see Richard again. She knows he doesn’t want to let her into his heart, but in order to escape their mountain captors they must submit to the bond they once shared – their lives are on the line, and so are their hearts!
   She stirred and stretched slightly, recoiling instantly and becoming fully awake.
        Her eyes came to rest on Richard sitting propped against the wall looking like hell and she knew she wasn't just waking from a really bad dream. She was living it. Fortunately the intense pain in her legs overrode any lingering embarrassment from his rejection last night.
        "I can't move, Richard," she groaned. She really started to panic then. No way could she manage more mountain climbing today. Would they shoot her if she couldn't...wouldn't? Or would they let her crawl on her hands and knees?
        Richard heard the agony in her voice. He knew how badly her muscles must be hurting today. Luckily for him part of his job involved strenuous physical tests and pushing yourself to the limits of endurance.
        Today's journey was going to be a particularly horrific form of hell for her. Worse than yesterday. She needed to rest but that wasn't going to happen and if they had a good opportunity to escape she would have to run. Run hard. There was nothing for it, she needed to warm her muscles up first.
        "Stay where you are," he ordered as he crawled to where she lay. He picked up her legs and plonked them across his lap.
        "What are you doing?" she asked, half sitting, trying to remove her legs from contact with his body.
        "I'm going to massage your calves and thighs. It’s the only way you'll make it today."
        "Forget it. I'm never going to make it," she protested again, trying to remove her legs and wincing as a sharp pain tore through her leg muscles.
        He started to knead her calf muscles knowing that they were too sore for her to move them away again. "You can make it," he said as his long fingers worked at the bunched fibres.
        "I can't," she whimpered as his fingers created agony and ecstasy in equal measure. Tears of pain stung her eyes and she swiped them away.
        "You can and you will and when I see a side path or an opportunity I'm going to yell at you to break. You're going to react instantly and run like the wind and we'll be free."
        His pep talk was more for his own benefit than hers. If he could treat her like one of his men he could ignore that the flesh beneath his fingers was smooth and supple instead of bulky and hairy. That her ankle was delicate and her knee slim and the fact that her thighs led to an entirely different place to that of one of his men's.
        Despite the torture, Holly had to remind herself that rebel soldiers were a mere meter away. Because if she didn't and she could actually physically get up without collapsing in screaming agony, she'd jump his bones whether he liked it or not. His ministrations were so erotically painful she didn't know whether to scream or to purr.
        Kia entered just as Holly thought she was about to drool in the dirt. She smiled at them shyly as Richard released her. She had brought them some breakfast and it smelt so delicious Holly knew she'd drag her aching body over an acre of broken glass to get to it.

Kidnapped for their devotion…

Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ May 2006
ISBN: 0-733-56860-2 Copyright: © 2006 Amy Andrews
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A. For more romance information surf to: http://www.eHarlequin.com
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