Regular lovemaking is Dr Luca Di Angelo’s preferred antidote to his stressful life – fortunately his devilish Sicilian charm guarantees multiple opportunities to ‘unwind’! But even he is surprised by the passion a brush with danger inspires in prickly ER doctor Mia McKenzie...

Mia is furious she slept with Luca – she’s no blushing virgin, but he has the worst reputation (and the biggest ego) in Sydney! Worse still, he knows she’s vulnerable. She’s determined to give her hot lover the cold shoulder, but the chemistry that blazes between them might just melt the hardest of hearts…

   Mia felt utterly dominated as Luca lounged against the wall, arms crossed. His gaze raked her body lingering on her breasts, her thighs, her boots. Then travelled all the way back up again to rest on her mouth.
   The seconds ticked by as his eyes locked on her lips. Her tongue darted out to moisten them, a nervous gesture.
   His nostrils flared. She swallowed.
   His arms dropped. Her heart skipped a beat.
   He took a step towards her. She tensed.
   The lift dinged. He stopped. She breathed again.
   "Ladies first," he murmured. "Number nineteen."
   Mia walked on legs made of Plasticine to the indicated apartment, aware of his eyes on her the whole time. She could barely breathe by the time she pulled up in front of his door.
   Absently she reached for the doorhandle the same time he did. He sucked in a breath. "Your hands are freezing," he murmured.
   "Yes," she agreed. That was because all her blood had drained to her belly and breasts. In fact, apart from her torso, she felt cold right through to her bones. She even shivered involuntarily.
   Luca grinned at her as he pushed open the door. "I have the perfect solution." 
   He tugged on her hand and she followed him into the toasty centrally heated apartment.
   Luca strode into his bedroom, Mia in tow, flipping lights on as he went. He walked straight past his bed, turning right into a spacious en suite. He ushered her in, shut the door, flipped on a wall mounted heater, opened the shower screen and turned the hot tap on full bore. Instant heat puffed into the air from the shower head.
   He turned to look at Mia, shrugging out of his jacket. "Get naked."
   Mia quirked an eyebrow at his imperious command. "Boy, you sure know how to seduce a woman."
   Luca grabbed her by her coat lapels and hauled her up against him. He lowered his mouth and on a groan unleashed a truly devastating kiss.
   Mia's response was instantaneous. His mouth was hot, hot, hot and it fanned the flames burning in her belly to the rest of her body. Raising herself on tiptoe, she tunnelled her hands into his hair, pressed her breasts hard against the solid warmth of his chest.
   His hands cupped her bottom, dragging their hips into alignment. Mia rubbed herself against him, causing a delicious friction that spread more warmth to every part of her body.
   Luca groped for the tie of her coat and yanked it loose, his hands invading the cocoon of heat around her belly and stroking down her sides and back. He felt for her zip and undid it, pushing the skirt off her hips.
   Mia broke away from the drugging intensity of his mouth, her rough breath almost as loud as the teaming shower that poured an endless supply of steam into the hothouse atmosphere.
   She was hot now. Very, very hot.
   She quickly stepped out of her skirt, removed her jacket and followed it with her skivvy.
   Luca's breath caught in his throat as she stood before him in matching champagne-coloured underwear and a pair of black knee high boots.
   He breathed out reverentially. "Mia bella," he murmured.

One night in the on-call room can never be enough for this couple!

From " LUCA'S BAD GIRL" by Amy Andrews
Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ March 2012
ISBN: 978-0263891607 Copyright: © 2012 Amy Andrews
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.  For more romance information surf to: http://www.eHarlequin.com
Sydney Harbour Hospital Continuity
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"Sydney Harbour Hospital: Luca's Bad Girl is a humorous story with steamy sensuality and heart-tugging pathos. Amy Andrews has written a fun, engrossing and fascinating story of heart-ache amid all the medical drama which will keep a reader involved in the story and their interest riveted right from the very first page!

My rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars! "

Nas Dean
Romance Book Paradise
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