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Anna Cleary
Ali doesn’t do reckless, and she certainly doesn’t do one-night stands – until one intoxicating night with the most lethally attractive man she’s ever laid eyes on… More shocking still, when Ali meets the lawyer holding her career in his hands a few days later – it’s the same hot guy!

The legendary Max Sherrington knows even his vivid memories of Ali could be defined as inappropriate conduct! Protocol may forbid him from touching her – but just because they can’t break the rules it surely doesn’t mean they can’t bend them a little…
Max Sherrington reluctantly followed his best friend, Pete, into the bar. God knew he’d rather not be drowning his sorrows in a public place. He had a nice bottle of aged scotch at home a client had given him that he’d been saving specifically for this day.
    The day of the yellow legal envelope.
    There was nothing like twenty year old whiskey to soothe the tension in a man’s shoulders and dull the ache in his chest.
    But Pete had insisted. And Max knew that when Pete insisted he rarely took no for an answer. He also knew his friend only had his best interests at heart. Pete had been worried about Max and his anti-social behaviour for the last eighteen months.
    Max figured, on this day especially, he could give Pete a little of his time.
    He had no doubt his friend, a chick magnate if ever there was one, would pick up within the hour and then he would be free to go home to an empty house and a full bottle.
    “Right, I’ll get the first round,” Pete said, his eyes swivelling the length and breadth of the bar, his gaze coming to rest on a blonde in a red dress whose legs went all the way up to her armpits.
    And look at that – she had a friend.
    He smiled and tapped Max on the chest. “I think I see the answer to all your problems.”
    Max followed Pete’s gaze and almost groaned out loud. “Why on earth would I want a Tori clone? I thought I was here to exorcise my wife.”
    “Ex wife, bud. Ex,” Pete pointed out.
    Ex. That was right. The papers today made it official. He really was going to have to start thinking of her in the past tense.
    “Ex,” he said grimly.
    Pete slapped him on the back. “Relax, the blonde’s mine. The cute friend is yours.”
    Max looked at the other woman. She had a nice face, large eyes, a little snub nose and a bow mouth. Compared to the artfully made up blonde, she was quite understated. No make-up save some glossy stuff on her lips, no jewellery, no fuss.
    But then there was the hair.  A riot of short corkscrew curls, the kind that you couldn’t get at the hairdresser, sprung from her head. They spiralled like spun sugar and reminded him of butterscotch. An errant one flopped down to brush her eyelashes, which she absently blew away as she swished a straw in her glass.
    It was difficult not to notice she also had a great rack.
    And looked about as impressed to be here as he did.
    “Cute? What the hell am I going to do with cute?” he demanded as an image of peeling her bra aside slid unbidden into his brain. It annoyed him further. “I don’t need cute,” he grouched.
    “If you ask me -” Pete grinned. “- cute is exactly what you need.”
    “I’m doing fine,” he insisted.
    Pete gave his friend an exasperated look. “No. You’re not. You’ve been like a bear with a sore head for the last year and a half. You work twelve and fifteen hour days, you’ve been through five PA’s and the only thing you have to break your killer work schedule is a punishing training regime for your next bloody marathon. Oh, and you haven’t had sex since Tori left.”
    Max grimaced. “I should never have told you that.”
    Pete looked into his best friend’s shut-off gaze. He shook his head. “You really need to get laid.”
    Max felt his neck muscles tighten further. If he never got involved with another woman, it would be too soon. Celibacy had been working just fine for him.
    He shot his friend a grim look. “You do know that going without doesn’t actually kill you, right?”
    Pete looked at the shell of a man before him. He’d never met a zombie but Max was doing a fairly good impression. “I would dispute that.”
    Pete glanced back at the blonde, pleased to see she’d spotted him. He smiled at her and she flashed him a dazzler of her own. He turned back to Max. “Go and find us somewhere to sit and remember - when I bring these women over do not tell them you’re a lawyer. People don’t like lawyers.”
    Max gave his friend a belligerent stare. That was easy to say when you had them on tap. “They do if they ever get in trouble with the law.”
Pete sighed. “Not so much then either, buddy.”

Rules are made to be broken…aren’t they?

Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ Feb 2012
ISBN: 978-0-263-22665-2 Copyright: © 2012 Amy Andrews
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.  For more romance information surf to: http://www.eHarlequin.com
"Innocent ‘til Proven Otherwise is one of the sexiest books I’ve ever read! Award-winning author Amy Andrews has penned a fabulous tale of moving on and second chances that sizzles with breathless sensuality, red-hot love scenes and poignant emotional intensity.  I loved Ali and Max and I was completely swept away by their believable, dramatic and uplifting feel-good romance!  Sexy, feel-good and impossible to put down, with Innocent ‘til Proven Otherwise, talented Australian author Amy Andrews continues to affirm her standing as one of contemporary romance’s most gifted and most versatile writers!"

4 Stars
Julie, Cataromance Reviews

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