"I love a good laugh. I love a good cry. Rarely do I find those two things wound together in one book (or done well for that matter). Holding Out For A Hero is now going to be one of my favorite books because it does exactly that."
April, Books with Benefits

"OMG! I almost don't know how to describe how I feel about this book. Frankly, I had never heard of this author and don't know much about Australian authors and their writing, but this was a phenomenal read!! I want an author to suck me in and make me care about their characters, both the hero and heroine, but also the supporting cast. I can say that Amy Andrews did that big time." Bobbie, Goodreads

  "Cerberus?" Ella looked from the dog to Jake then back to the dog.
  "Uh huh," Jake confirmed, squatting to give him a pat.
  The dog looked up at her and gave his tail a wag as if in apology. As if even he knew that the name was rather ambitious. She may not have been expecting three heads but she'd certainly expected a more impressive specimen. This was the most miserable-looking hound of hell she'd ever seen. She couldn't have been more surprised had it been a Chihuahua called Satan.
  "This is the watchdog with the menacing personality?"
  Cerberus licked her hand and gave her one of his well-timed pathetic trembles.
  Jake nodded again. "Underneath this flea-bitten exterior lurks the dark heart of a ninja dog."
  She crouched down next to Jake. "Ninja dog, huh?" she murmured scratching behind the dog's soft, floppy ear. Cerberus angled his head to allow Ella more access and gave a shudder of ecstasy. "What do you say, boy? Want to come live at my house?"
  Cerberus whined his agreement and Ella smiled. "Okay, then."
  Jake watched her as she ran her hands down the length of Cerberus's body. "Thank you."
  Ella glanced at him. A mistake. Out of the neon gloom his features were sharp and defined. He was breathtaking. As a teenager he'd been good-looking but as an adult his attraction had matured into a lethal weapon. Their heads were close and she watched as his gaze dropped to her mouth. How often had she dreamed about Jake's kiss? The thrill of it was still burned into her lips two years on. She could smell beer and lime on his breath and her eyes fluttered closed as the air in the alley became heavy with anticipation.
  Oh god, this was bad.
  She forced her trembling legs into action and stood. She cleared her throat. "Consider us even."
  Jake laughed, pushing himself upright too, a raised eyebrow calling her to account. "Oh, I don't think so."
  Bastard. "Come on, Cerberus. Let's go home."
  Jake fell into step beside her and she stopped. "What are you doing?"
  "I'm walking you home."
  "I'll be fine."
  "What kind of a gentleman would I be if I let a lady walk home by herself in the dark?"
  "It's not dark yet, and anyway, I'm not alone, am I? I have the hound from hell, ninja dog with me."
  They both looked down at Cerberus, who wagged his tail and trembled at the same time.
  Jake rolled his eyes at the pathetic combination and started walking again. "I insist."

When sensible schoolteacher Ella Lucas rides into her home town on a Harley and seduces the resident football hero, Jake Prince, she figures she can be forgiven and move on. After all, she’s just buried her mother.

Two years later, back in the city, their paths cross again but this time Jake is in the process of destroying her favourite dive bar. With her home facing a wrecker’s ball, her school being closed down and her 15-year-old brother hell bent on self-destruction, it’s the last straw. Throw in a dominatrix best friend who is dating a blue ribbon guy so straight he still lives at home with his mother, it’s no wonder the sanest person in Ella’s life is a dog.

With all this to contend with, the last thing Ella needs is Jake back in her life. But, as fate would have it, Jake is the only chance she has to save her school.

As the school football season heats up, old secrets threaten to surface and Ella takes on greedy developers, school boards and national tabloids. But can she save not just her home, her school and her brother, but also the reputation of the man she’s never been able to forget? And, more importantly, does she want to?

Holding Out for a Hero is a quirky, heartwarming tale of unlikely romance, friendship and family.
From "HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO" by Amy Andrews
Momentum Publishing™ Oct 2013
ASIN: B00FAIIHT8 Copyright: © 2013 Amy Andrews
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