"What a hot, sensual and exciting story!!! The heat scale to their encounters was definitely HOT! SEXY! And INTENSE! I don't think I will ever look at my kitchen the same way ever again. An excellent book with well developed characters creating a sizzling plot from the first page to the last." Shirley Buchanan, Goodreads 

"I adored the dialogue, sweet sensual sexy heat and amazing emotion!" Desere, Romance Book Haven reviews 
  The bar wasn't too crowded when they arrived. Cade secured them a low round table just big enough to place drinks on with trendy tub chairs near one of the huge windows that overlooked the ocean. He ordered a selection of tappas at the bar and bought her a red wine and a beer for himself.
  "Thank you," she said, as he sat and she took a fortifying sip as the minimal distance between them closed even further with the bulk of his presence.
  She could easily slide her hand onto his thigh, should she be so inclined.
  Callie took another sip and looked around, reminding herself why she was here. "Natalie and her pals are at three o'clock," she said to him. "Ring side seats."
  Cade glanced over. Natalie smiled and waved and he raised his glass to her and her group. "She is persistent, isn't she."
  "Uh huh," Callie said, taking another sip.
  "Okay then," he said, resigning himself to his fate. "So, let's do this thing."
  Callie frowned. "What thing?"
  "The date."
  "Well I'm going to have to be guided by you," she said. "Because, seriously, I haven't dated in a looong time."
  Since high school, to be exact.
  Cade unknotted his tie even more and undid his top two buttons. Callie shook her head as she watched him. "What?" he asked.
  Her fingers itched to strip his shirt off him altogether so she gripped her glass harder. "Why do you even wear one?" she demanded. "It's always half-off anyway."
  "It's a nod to the dress code but it's kind of my own personal protest. I hate the damn things."
  "Well, take it off then," she said, and this time she couldn't resist. She put her glass on the table, reached across the narrow space separating them and made short work of it. The satisfying zip as she pulled it out of his collar went straight to her belly. 
  "I am perfectly capable of taking my own tie off." He laughed as she stuffed it in his shirt pocket.
  "I know that," she said, putting her hands firmly back on her glass lest they decide his buttons could do with some undoing, too. "I know you're perfectly capable of taking all your clothes off," she said, trying to say it with a nonchalance she didn't feel.
  "But we have an audience and a woman touching a man's tie hints at intimacy. Which will probably send a louder message to a...certain someone than this stupid fake date."
  Cade laughed. "That's taking it a bit far, isn't it?"
  Callie shook her head and deliberately leaned towards him, hoping to convey intimacy. Which was surprisingly easy. Too easy. But pretending to him that she was faking the intimacy was harder.
  "Go ahead and laugh," she murmured, smiling at him like a lover. Which she was. Or had been. "While Natalie thinks that you're just humouring me, you're still going to be number one on her hot-docs-to-marry list. It pays to be convincing."
  Cade was taken aback not just by the sense of her words but also by the look on her face. The Mona Lisa smile, her lowered lashes, her parted lips. 
  "Is that so?" he asked, as his gazed dropped to her mouth.
  "Uh-huh," she said, her smile flirty now, reaching all the way to her eyes. 
  Suddenly he couldn't have agreed more. He leaned forward, covering the short space separating them, and kissed her.
  She was right - it did pay to be convincing.

Rule #1 for Dr. Cade Coleman: redeem his heartbreaker reputation!
That's why this drop-dead sexy playboy has moved to Gold Coast City Hospital, leaving a scandal in New York far behind him. But the delicious Dr. Callie Richards has him falling at the first hurdle!
Usually strictly professional, Callie finds her encounter with Cade knocks her off her feet. Only, it's clear he's determined that there'll be no reruns. While she knows she should try to forget that amazing night, too, Cade-who's so hot he should come with a health warning-is the ultimate temptation!

Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ Nov 2013
ISBN: 978-1-743-55188-2 Copyright: © 2013 Amy Andrews
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