"A fascinating medical romance An Unexpected Proposal by Amy Andrews will give the reader a tale of belief, desire and trust. Amy Andrews is an author that I love to read and this book is no different with characters that captivate and entertain."

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GP Madeline Harrington makes it very clear to her new neighbour Dr Marcus Hunt that she doesn't like his approach to medicine, doesn't like his laid-back attitude-doesn't like him!

But as Marcus's healing touch gradually wins her over, Madeline realises that she might have misjudged this very brilliant, very gorgeous doctor. But when Marcus's ex-wife turns up with a shocking revelation Marcus faces the greatest challenge of all-gaining Madeline's trust, and convincing her to become his bride.
  Marcus was charming and easy to talk to and when he laughed it lit his whole face and emphasised his dimples and the noise was rich and deep and soothing. As the night settled around them and the flames from the garden torches danced shadows across his jaw stubble the feelings he had stirred with his massage intensified. The longer she spent in his company, the surer she was that Marcus was just what the doctor ordered.   Rebound sex.
    "Dessert?" he asked.
     Only if she could be it. She looked him straight in the eye and shook her head. Rebound sex.
    She held his gaze steadily and shook her head again. Rebound sex.
    Marcus felt his groin tighten. He looked at his watch. Nine p.m. "Then I guess we should probably go." They were at one of the last remaining occupied tables, most people having left as soon as theyíd eaten.
    She nodded and stood. She draped her jacket over her arm and retrieved her purse, giving him a twenty-dollar note.
    "I think I can manage it," he said.
    She considered him for a minute. He looked like he could manage it very well indeed. Rebound sex.
    She shrugged. "OK. Thanks."
    The walked passed the markets, now closed for the night and back towards the river. They ambled down the walkway in silence, the fairy-lights in the trees that lined the far side providing a subdued glow. They didnít talk for a while.
    Madeline could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she debated ways to proposition him. It had seemed like a good idea in the pub but thinking it and doing it were two different things. She could hear the gentle lap of the river and the warm evening air was filled with the fragrance of summer blooms.
    But his arm brushed hers occasionally and she could smell his aftershave and the faint whiff of beer and when he walked slightly ahead of her his gait was all man and his butt was cute as hell.
    Rebound sex.
    "Actually, I wouldnít mind a coffee," she said. "Why donít we go up to your place?" Her heartbeat thundered in her ears and she held her breath.
    Marcus stopped. His loins felt on fire. He knew what she was suggesting. He turned back. "Thereís plenty of coffee shops still open," he said, holding her gaze.
    "I havenít seen your place yet," she said.
    Marcus sighed. "Maddy..."
    Madeline almost groaned out loud at the way he said her name. Her muscles clenched. "Please, Marcus," she said quietly.
    He walked over to the wall where sheíd been sitting earlier and looked at the darkened river, shimmering in places with the city lights. He turned back and wished he hadnít because sheíd obviously been standing just behind him and was now, consequently, just in front of him. And then she took a step closer. He placed a staying hand on her shoulder.
    "Maddy..." he groaned again.
    "Please," she whispered.
    He shook his head and took a side step away from her. "No," he said. "You need to stop this."
    "Are you going to make me beg?" she smiled despite his rejection because he looked so conflicted. Poor guy. He shut his eyes to block out the images her begging evoked. "Look, youíre on the rebound."
    Madelineís smile widened. Hence the rebound sex! "You donít want to be rebound guy?"
    Of course he wanted to be rebound guy. But he didnít really think she knew the rules. "You said yourself that you could never be with someone like me. Youíre a commitment girl. I respect that. Rebound sex." He shook his head, "There are rules, Maddy. Itís not about love or relationships. Itís just about lust and desire and sometimes even thereís a healthy does of revenge thrown in."
    "Good," she said, stepping closer again. She didnít care about the happily ever after stuff for tonight. She got it. Tonight was just about sex. "So now I know the rules."
    "If we do this Ė "
    "When," she interrupted with a smile and reached forward to trace his collar bone with her finger.
    He felt the jolt in his groin and grabbed her hand, holding it still. "If," he said pointedly. "You need to know that itís probably not going to mean the same thing to me as it is to you. Itíll be sex Ė "
    "Good sex?" she interrupted again.  
    Hell, yes! She looked set to ignite at the merest touch. "Concentrate, Maddy. I donít do weddings or babies or long term. Youíve just heard why. From a female point of view, my commitment track record sucks quite frankly," he said, trying to lighten the mood.
    "OK, OK," she said, moving in so the length of her body was now touching the length of his. "Just sex. I get it."
    She didnít care and she certainly didnít want to get involved with someone else on the back of her split with Simon. Especially a commitment-phobe. But Marcusís hard body felt so good she was going to scream if she didnít feel him in her as soon as possible.   
    "Are you sure, Maddy? Really sure?" he asked, his voice husky, her lips millimetres from his.
    She stepped back and smiled at him. "Cross my heart," she said, doing the actions in a flirty lingering fashion, feeling the arousal of her nipples. "Your place or mine?"
    "Mine," he said, grabbing her hand hastily and pulling her along. "Itís closer."
    They didnít talk, just walked. Quickly. By the time they reached the foyer of his apartment complex they were both breathing harder. They waited impatiently for the lift to arrive and the second Marcus had punched the number six and the doors had pinged shut he backed her into the wall and gave her a hard probing kiss. Madeline almost fainted as the tightly controlled lid sheíd been keeping on her hormones exploded and she kissed him back like he was a freshwater stream and she was dying of thirst.
    She dropped her bag and her jacket to the floor and hooked a leg around his. She felt Marcus grip her bottom and he pulled her up and in, grinding his pelvis into hers so she could feel his desire. She whimpered and a surge of moisture dampened the junction of her thighs.
    The lift pinged and he dropped her back onto her feet hastily. He squatted down in front of her, looking up into her emerald eyes, his nostrils flaring at her female scent. He hastily picked her things up off the floor, grabbed her hand again and half strode, half ran with her down the hallway to his door.
    Madeline stood looking at the door as he fished through his pocket for the keys. She noticed the number on his door was sixty-nine and she quirked an eyebrow at him.
    "That a promise," she asked cheekily, running her fingers over the brass numbers.
    "Absolutely," he grinned, his belly suffusing with heat. "Whatever you want."
Colleagues... Lovers... Husband and wife?

Mills and Boonģ Medical Romanceô March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-263-85225-7 Copyright: © 2007 Amy Andrews
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