"So Amy Andrews can really write. She has a great way of combining humour, sensuality and creating great characters that come to life. And her sex scenes are hot. Really, really hot."

Mae Archer Goodreads
    He stroked her hair and she whispered, "Thank you," into his chest and then, no matter how badly she wanted to nuzzle, she pulled herself away. Edwina was serious about waiting until after the rally and they were away from a publicity charged event, in the full glare of the media.

    It seemed everything in their life was on hold for this week and they just had to get through it as best they could.

    "Good night," she said stepping out of his arms and clamping her arms to her sides so she wouldn't reach for him again.

    He grinned. "I forgot what willpower you have."

    "We both have it. Remember?"

    How many times had they resisted the insistent tug by their libidos to act on the highly charged atmosphere between the two of them?

    He took a tiny step towards her and every single cell in her body felt the impact of that step like it had been a giant freaking leap. "Not anymore, Ed," he said and it was barely a whisper. "I'm all out."

    It took all her willpower to take another step back. "Looks like I'll have to have enough for both of us, then."

    A continuous force field crackled around them in that moment, until he finally chuckled and fell back again. "Okay, fine," he said and Edwina almost slumped to the floor. "But just so you know, Ed," his gaze zeroed in on hers, "I am going to be hard and deep inside you tonight even if it's only in my dreams. Like I am every night. And you're going to be begging me for more."

    Edwina was still standing on the spot, mouth agape, when the hotel room door clicked shut behind him seconds later.

    She had absolutely no doubt she begged him for more in his dreams. 'Cause she sure as hell begged him for more in hers.

The darling of the Aussie small screen, Edwina Calloway, has always had a thing for her ex co-star the hunky Justin Wilde - even before he took off to Tinsel town and became a Hollywood heartthrob. And Justin always had a thing for her. Except she was married already, so neither of them ever crossed that line. But now Justin's back in Oz to take part in a celebrity car rally with Edwina riding shotgun and she isn't married anymore...

It seems the entire country is holding its breath for their much vaunted reunion. Can they survive a five day road trip, just the two of them alone in the car under intense media scrutiny without finally getting naked and doing the Wilde thing? And if they can't, what happens at the end when Justin heads back to Hollywood?

From "THE HERO" by Amy Andrews
Tule Publishing® 2015
ASIN: B00SLKXZHG Copyright: © 2015 Amy Andrews
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"I loved this story for the depth of its characters. Justine and Ed were so much in love with each other, yet had enough respect for the circumstances around them. As short is the story, Amy Andrews sure made their feelings an open book, as they struggled to overcome road blocks and insecurities. You can't help but fall in love with these two precious people with hearts of gold, and put their needs on the back burner as long as they can. And I really liked how Amy brought into picture the life of artists and how much they are open to scrutiny and judgment.

This was one hot ride of love, passion and a promise of a future with happiness and laughter, and I really, really enjoyed The Hero…..and his heroine!"

Alima Livzletlivz  Goodreads

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