I loved how Gareth showed her that she needed to take her life in her own hands and ignore what others wanted her to do. Billie too was the right person to make Gareth live again and move forward in life.
Overall, It Happened One Night Shift by Amy Andrews is a well written romance with awesome medical details.

Ipshita, Harlequin Junkie

    "You look kind of freaked out," he said. "Do you need a paper bag to blow into? Are your fingers tingly?"
    She glared at him. "I'm not having a panic attack. I just wasn't expecting...that. I'm better if I'm mentally prepared. But I'll be fine." She turned those big brown eyes on him. "Just give me a moment, okay?" 
    She nodded again and he noticed tears swim in her eyes. Clearly she was disappointed in herself, in not being able to master her affliction.
    Gareth shoved a hand through his hair, feeling helpless as she struggled for control. "Try not to think about it like it is," he said. "Next time you go out there it'll be all cleaned up. No blood. No gore."
    She nodded. "Okay."
    But her wide eyes told him she was still picturing it. "You're still thinking about it," he said.
    "I'm not," she denied, chewing on her bottom lip.
    Gareth took a step closer to her, wanting to reach for her but clenching his hands at his side. "Yes, you are."
    She gnawed on her lip some more and he noticed she'd chewed all her gloss off.
    "Look. I'm trying, okay?" she said, placing her palm flat against his chest. "Just back off for a moment."
    Her hand felt warm against his chest as her fingers curled into the fabric of his scrub top and Gareth felt a jolt much further south. As if she'd put her hand down his scrubs bottoms instead. 
    Oh, hell. Just hell.
    Now he was thinking very bad things. Very bad ways to calm her down, to take her mind off it.
    For crying out loud, she was a freaked out second year resident who needed to get back to the lac and get the stupid thing sutured so he could free up a bed. Gareth had dealt with a lot of freaked-out people in his life - the wounded, the addled, the grieving.
    He was good with the freaked out.
    But not like this. Not the way he was thinking.
    And that's exactly where he was going - do not pass go, do not collect any money - because all he could think about now was her mouth.
    Kissing it. Giving her a way to really forget what was beyond the door.
    It was wildly inappropriate.
    They were at work for crying out loud. But her husky,
    "Gareth?" reflected the confusion and turmoil stirring unrest inside him.
    The look changed on her face as her gaze fixed on his mouth. Her teeth suddenly gave her bottom lip some respite but it was too late - it sat looking at him full and plump and swollen. Ripe. Begging for the salve he knew was his to give.
    And those freckles were so damn irresistible.
    "Oh screw it," he muttered, caution falling away like confetti around him as he stepped forward, crowding her back against the door, his body aligning with hers, his palms sliding onto her cheeks as he dropped his head. 

Five years ago brooding ex-military medic Gareth Stapleton lost his beloved wife to breast cancer. Since then, he's kept his distance from everything and everyone. Until Dr Billie Ashworth-Keyes waltzes into his life and turns it upside-down… Gareth is intrigued by the vivacious ER doc, but he knows she's off-limits. Then, one night shift, Gareth finds himself locked in the hottest kiss of his life! Suddenly, he realises that Billie is exactly what he needs to make his days - and nights - a lot more meaningful!

Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ 2015
ISBN: 9781488762697 Copyright: © 2015 Amy Andrews
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.  For more romance information surf to:
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A lovely and sweet romance, but with plenty of heat and some ripping sexual tension.

Roz, Goodreads
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