"I loved the emotional drama in this story amid the medical chaos. Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance series." Nas Dean, Goodreads
'I do believe you promised me a dance.'
Olivia was dragged from her introspection by a sexy Irish accent. She smiled at the familiar face-a nice-looking man, with kind, flirty eyes.
Far better than dull, lifeless eyes. This man looked as if he knew how to laugh and show a girl a good time.
'I do believe you're right,' she said.
He told her his name was Aidan as he led her to the floor, and when they found some available space he took her in his arms and held her at a comfortable distance. They made some polite chit-chat for a few moments.
'So,' Aidan said. 'You and Ethan, huh?'
Olivia almost tripped over his feet. It was on the tip of her tongue to deny it, but he was so open and honest-looking, so undemanding, she found herself smiling. 'Guilty.'
Aidan sighed dramatically. 'Surgeons get all the hot women. You know, you really should give a male nurse a go. We're very good with anatomy and we have a much better bedside manner. Plus-although I can't speak for anyone else-we're always exceedingly grateful.'
Olivia laughed, finally relaxing and enjoying the man's company. 'I'm afraid my heart was a done deal a long time ago.'
'Clearly the man's an A-grade fool.'
Olivia smiled. 'Yes. He's the top of his class.'
'Well, you know, having drunken sex with a lowly male nurse is a great revenge tactic.'
Olivia supposed she should have been shocked or affronted by Aidan's forthright conversation but she wasn't either. His tone was light and his gaze was flirty. She didn't feel threatened or unsafe. Just amused-and God knew she needed a laugh about now.
Aidan was good and kind-it shone from his soul. Not to mention smart-laughing a woman into bed was a very good ploy.
'Thanks. I'll keep it in mind.'
Aidan nodded and they danced for a few moments in silence. 'I'm just saying,' he said, pulling back to look into her face, 'I'd volunteer for the job 'cos that's just the kind of guy I am.'
Olivia laughed. 'You're a trooper. And I appreciate it.'
He sighed again. 'Not going to work, huh?'
Olivia shook her head. 'Sorry. If it's any consolation, I would if…'
Aidan nodded. 'If you weren't head over heels in love with the man who is now pushing his way through a crowded dance floor looking like he wants to make mincemeat of my face.'
Olivia frowned at him. 'What?'
But then an imperious voice, so English compared to the soft burr of Aidan's accent, said, 'May I cut in?'
Aidan looked at a tense-jawed Ethan, then at Olivia. 'It's up to you, darlin',' he said. 'You can dance with him or I can take him outside and beat him up.'
Olivia blinked at Aidan's joviality in the face of what was a fairly hostile situation. Ethan might be dressed in a tux but that was the only civilised thing about him right now as he glared down at the Irishman in stony silence.
'Just say the word,' Aidan chirped.
Olivia did a quick calculation of the body mass difference between the two men and her respect for Aidan trebled. He was going to make some girl an amazing partner one day.
'Thanks.' She smiled at him and squeezed his arm. 'You've been fabulous, but I think I can take it from here.'
Ethan relaxed slightly when the Irish nurse bowed gallantly and melted away. 'May I?' he asked.
Olivia's heart was thrumming against her ribs so loudly she could barely hear him. 'I didn't think you danced,' she said waspishly.
Ethan grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. 'I do tonight.'

Reunited with his past…

Running the Hunter Clinic's charity operation has given surgeon and ex-soldier Ethan Hunter a new lease on life. His reconstructive work with wounded soldiers and civilians helps block out his army traumas. But when Ethan learns that he'll be working alongside beautiful surgeon Olivia Fairchild—the woman whose heart he regretfully broke—he can't help but remember the passion they once shared…and he's surprised by the sinfully delicious sparks her touch still ignites! Is Olivia the only woman to finally provide peace for this long-tortured hero?

Glamour, intensity, desire—the lives and loves of London's hottest team of surgeons!
From "200 HARLEY ST: THE TORTURED HERO" by Amy Andrews
Mills and Boon® Medical Romance™ July 2014
ISBN: 978-0-373-06974-3 Copyright: © 2014 Amy Andrews
® and ™ are trademarks of the publisher. The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.  For more romance information surf to: http://www.eHarlequin.com
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