“Laugh a minute – OMG, what a great book.”



“Amy Andrews writes the sex you want to be having.”


 “An emotional tour de force. Loved it!”

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Super thrilled to reveal the cover for my upcoming release in September! Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous??? 






A disgraced football star, a high school in need of saving and a reunion too hot to handle.





Headteacher Ella Lucas and football star Jake Prince have a very complicated history! but Ella has enough on her plate right now to worry about Jake and his shenanigans.

Except her school’s on the brink of closure, and it appears he’s the one person who can actually help. All he has to do is coach the underdog football team to a winning streak and maybe Ella can help Jake restore his tarnished reputation in the process.

With nothing to lose, Jake reluctantly agrees….

**Previously published as Holding Out For A Hero**


Copy of AA USA and US covers

Outback Heat boxed set – new and out now for only $9.99!!!

4 full length, spicy, small town, romance reads + bonus novella.


Some Girls Do

Fashion student Lacey is homesick in the city and determined to go home—come hell, high water, or a fake pregnancy. Is it her fault her brother’s best friend, Cooper, puts his hand up as the baby-daddy?

Some Girls Don’t

Rural firefighter Jarrod’s old flame is back in town, but they’ve both moved on. Selena’s about to hit it big in the city and nothing can stop her. No matter how much Jarrod still lights her fire.





Some Guys Need A Lot of Lovin’

Paramedic Marcus hits the city looking for a sexy distraction and finds birthday girl Juanita. They’re one and done. Until she turns up in Jumbuck Springs as his new psychologist…

Some Guys Lie

Single-dad police chief Ethan takes his responsibilities seriously. One night he crosses a line with his oldest friend, Jemima Jane, and then insists on a fake engagement to protect her from her abusive ex. But it’s definitely not love…




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Looking forward to conference season in August!


I’m speaking at both RWNZ and RWAus conferences as well as signing books in Adelaide during the conference signing event.